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Not only we provide are the products, but also has our specialized post-sale service. The whole staff participation, the quality is supreme, the customer is satisfied, the pursue remarkable is our quality policy!

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address: No.58-1 Jinji Road,Xiaogang, Beilun, Ningbo
telephone: 0574-8778 1334   
facsimile: 0574- 8778 7790
contact person: Mr. Zhang 15968071118
website: http://www.krui.cn

About us

       Zhejiang Krui Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. The Ningbo branch auspicious hardware product Limited company, set up in August 31, 2004 in the south of Yangzi River history famous city - Ningbo. The company adjoins to the Chinese third big port - Ningbo Beilun port, the transportation and the geographical superiority is obvious.
       The company produces uses raw material to come from the Baoshan Steel Corporation, the blue steel and so on large-scale steel and iron group, the specialty is engaged in SUS304 the SUS316 stainless steel rigging, the stainless steel standard letter, the stainless steel non-tender production sale.
“the whole staff participates, the quality supremely, the customer satisfies,
Pursues remarkably” quality policy.

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