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What type can branch Switzerland provide the product?

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      We specialized provide 304, 316 series stainless steel, the carbon steel standard letter, the rigging, the precision pressing part and the pressing part are the primary service, the product widely apply in the communication, the pump valve, a generation of labor, the machinery, professions and so on Wei Yu, nuclear power, wind electricity, telecommunication base depot.

        The company receives the specialized quality, the good faith service idea, provides the specialized solution take the specialty profession experience as the enterprise, lets the specialized person work with single-hearted devotion.
        We unceasingly study to the client and the fellow, promotes company's professional service ability diligently, follows the client the development. We fully realized that the high quality product and the accurate date of delivery are the client essential requirements. In addition, we pursue the cost to be in the lead, the efficiency are in the lead, the idea are in the lead, make every effort to take to client more actual benefits by highly effective low consumption transport business.
        The branch auspicious company provides the product by it the quality performance, obtains various professions user the favor. Our specialty provides following product and the service for you:
        Production sale:
        Outside stainless steel hexagonal standard series (GB5782/DIN933//ANSI.B.2.1 dandelion US standard serial products) (304/316)
        In stainless steel hexagonal standard series (GB70/DIN912) (304/316)
        The stainless steel from attacks the nail, (GB845/GB846/JISB.1122) (304)
        Stainless steel machine screw (GB818/GB819/JISB1111) (304)
        Stainless steel variety cap nut, clamping screw nail, gear rack, tooth stick and so on (304/316)
        Stainless steel rigging product, like spring buckle, flowered orchid, triangle link, throat band and so on (304/316)
        Continues each kind of stainless steel UK US standard screw's manufacturing (304/316)
        Continues each kind of stainless steel material non-sign heterogeneous type processing (304/316)
        In addition, but also provides the product design consultation, chemistry qualitative quantitative analysis, the CAD charting, the tension test, the salt-fog test for the client and so on free generation examines the service.

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