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  • [Company tendency] What type can branch Switzerland provide the product?
    We specialized provide 304, 316 series stainless steel, the carbon steel standard letter, the rigging, the precision pressing part and the pressing part are the primary service, the product widely apply in the communication, the pump valve, a generation of labor, the machinery, professions and so on Wei Yu, nuclear power, wind electricity, telecommunication base depot.    The company receives the specialized quality, the good faith service idea, provides the specialized solution take the specialty profession experience as the enterprise, lets the specialized person work with single-hearted devotion.   We unceasingly study to the client and the fellow, promotes company's professional service ability diligently, follows the client the development. We fully realized that the high quality product and the accurate date of delivery are the client essential requirements. In addition, we pursue the cost to be in the lead, the efficiency are in the lead, the idea are in the lead, make every effort to take to client more actual benefits by highly effective low consumption transport business. The branch auspicious company provides the product by it the quality performance, obtains various professions user the favor. Our specialty provides following product and the service for you: Production sale: Outside the stainless steel the hexagonal standard series (GB5782/DIN933//ANSI.B.2.1 dandelion US standard serial products) (304/316) in the stainless steel the hexagonal standard series (GB70/DIN912) (304/316) the stainless steel from attacks the nail, (GB845/GB846/JISB.1122) (304) the stainless steel machine screw (GB818/GB819/JISB1111) (304) the stainless steel variety cap nut, the clamping screw nail, the gear rack, the tooth stick and so on (304/316) the stainless steel rigging product, like the spring buckle, the flowered orchid, the triangle link, the throat band and so on (304/316) continues each kind of stainless steel UK US standard screw's man
  • [Company tendency] “10 years grow your I with to celebrate in” the anniversary
            Today is an auspicious day, we happily gather in one place, gathers again in the day, our load bearing was vainly hoping for that also releases for flight the dream. We have passed through 10 year wind and rain course together.        10 year ago today branch auspicious hardware starts an undertaking the south of Yangzi River history famous city - - Ningbo starts a 10 year later today specialty to dedicate with single-hearted devotion in hardware product multiplex branch Switzerland unfolds in front of everybody.        Branch auspicious core leadership: Deputy general manager Zhang Ruihua, General Manager Zhang Qing, deputy general manager Li Liangjun
  • [Company tendency] How does the branch auspicious hardware tell you to safeguard the fastener?
    Mechanized process contemporary society, stainless steel fastener, although is small components, but in the mechanical device is an essential part, also played the very vital role. Therefore we when use the fastener, needs to carry on the regular safeguarding maintenance, like this can guarantee a fastener more secure use, and can lengthen fastener's service life, enhances mechanical device's operational performance.      When we when carries on safeguarding to the fastener, which problems does the regular session have? It mainly has three major problems:      1st, in has carried on to the fastener quenching processes, must use the silicate cleansing agent to clean up the above impurity, then wants carefully to carry on the rinse, under avoids remaining the impurity above the fastener, affects to its normal application.      2nd, fastener after drawing temper, its color will change possibly, will soak the fastener after the ether period of time, will have the greasy material production, will have such situation to indicate that the fastener will be not very clean. After carrying on has analyzed, will detect to fastener heating time piles up is not very reasonable, the fastener will have some tiny oxidized phenomenon possibly in the middle of the quenching oil.      3rd, above fastener, if has white material time, very possible is some phosphides. Presents this kind of phenomenon the reason is because has not used the acidic clearer to carry on cleanly, moreover yo examination potcher time is not very careful.      If these questions cannot prompt processing, to the immediate influence to the fastener performance use, also will cause fastener's service life to lessen possibly, creates the fastener to get up early the damage phenomenon and so on. Above hoped that three major problem matters needing attention can help everybody better use fastene
  • [Company tendency] Plain washer choice of material and processing craft
          Because gasket's broad use in the thread fastener the bolt, the bolt, nut's area of bearing is mainly impossible to do very much big (material and craft limit), to reduce the bearing surface the compressed stress, safeguards is used by bridge piece's surface the gasket. Its following Chinese standard letter network share usually gasket material selection and processing craft knowledge.      Plain washer choice of material:      The gasket should use the hot rolling steel plate, hot rolling and the acid pickling steel plate or the cold rolling steel plate ramming processing' or uses good processing method manufactures and so on material, tubing material cutting as well as rolling, forging. The specific processing method selects the determination by the manufacturer.      Plain washer processing craft:      The plain washer processing craft mainly has two kinds, one kind is now fin cutting processing, another kind is surface protection processing;      Fin cutting processing, the gasket should use polishing, the vibration or other method fin cutting and the edge.      Surface protection processing, in standard to gasket product surface treatment according to coating (thick) and coating (thin) the discrimination, the author thought that should be suitable similarly for a other fastener product bolt (the bolt, the stud> and the nut. Although has not looked like this standard narration like this specificly in other corresponding standards.
  • [Company tendency] in 2014 domestic ten big fastener Production enterprise ranking
    In recent years, the Chinese fastener profession held the steady growth situation, accelerates the fusion with various countries economy, causes it to become in gradually the international economy a noticeable strength. Countries and so on US, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Italy, South Korea and Spain year by year are also rising to the Chinese fastener's demand. Chinese automobile fastener product variety satisfies rate has achieved above 60%, the domestic market satisfies rate has reached as high as above 70%.      Although the Chinese fastener profession undergoes more than ten years considerable developments, but in the profession the small and medium-sized enterprise stands in great numbers the aspect not yet changes, low, small, disperses is one of Chinese fastener profession key characters, the profession development must take advantage in the production technology continues the innovation and the development. The Chinese Fastener Enterprise thousands, at present in the sales scale and the property scale, the Small and medium-sized enterprise is the main army who the fastener profession does not pass on responsibilities.      The industrial research institute "2015-2020 Year Chinese Fastener Profession Production and marketing Demand forecast And Reforming Upgrade Analysis report" the statistical data displayed that in 2014 the Chinese ten big fastener Production enterprise ranking is as follows:      in 2014 the Chinese ten big fastener Production enterprise places 1: Sichuan Ipin Iraq strength group Limited company 2: Jin hundred million industry Limited liability company 3: Changshu Standard letter Factory 4: Zhejiang Dongming stainless steel product Limited liability company 5: Ningbo gold tripod with two handles fastener Limited company 6: Sintai city with joint forces fastener Limited company 7: Shandong excel in fastener Limited company 8: Shanghai sign five
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