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in 2014 domestic ten big fastener Production enterprise ranking

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     In recent years, the Chinese fastener profession held the steady growth situation, accelerates the fusion with various countries economy, causes it to become in gradually the international economy a noticeable strength. Countries and so on US, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Italy, South Korea and Spain year by year are also rising to the Chinese fastener's demand. Chinese automobile fastener product variety satisfies rate has achieved above 60%, the domestic market satisfies rate has reached as high as above 70%.

        Although the Chinese fastener profession undergoes more than ten years considerable developments, but in the profession the small and medium-sized enterprise stands in great numbers the aspect not yet changes, low, small, disperses is one of Chinese fastener profession key characters, the profession development must take advantage in the production technology continues the innovation and the development. The Chinese Fastener Enterprise thousands, at present in the sales scale and the property scale, the Small and medium-sized enterprise is the main army who the fastener profession does not pass on responsibilities.
        The industrial research institute "2015-2020 Year Chinese Fastener Profession Production and marketing Demand forecast And Reforming Upgrade Analysis report" the statistical data displayed that in 2014 the Chinese ten big fastener Production enterprise ranking is as follows:
      in 2014 the Chinese ten big fastener Production enterprise places
        1: Sichuan Ipin Iraq strength group Limited company
        2: Jin hundred million industry Limited liability company
        3: Changshu Standard letter Factory
        4: Zhejiang Dongming stainless steel product Limited liability company
        5: Ningbo gold tripod with two handles fastener Limited company
        6: Sintai city with joint forces fastener Limited company
        7: Shandong excel in fastener Limited company
        8: Shanghai sign five high strength fastener Limited companies
        9: Ningbo forever the macro fastener will make the Limited company
        10: In shore Yuan Sichuan metal product (Mt. Kun) Limited company

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