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Plain washer choice of material and processing craft

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      Because gasket's broad use in the thread fastener the bolt, the bolt, nut's area of bearing is mainly impossible to do very much big (material and craft limit), to reduce the bearing surface the compressed stress, safeguards is used by bridge piece's surface the gasket. Its following Chinese standard letter network share usually gasket material selection and processing craft knowledge.

        Plain washer choice of material:
        The gasket should use the hot rolling steel plate, hot rolling and the acid pickling steel plate or the cold rolling steel plate ramming processing' or uses good processing method manufactures and so on material, tubing material cutting as well as rolling, forging. The specific processing method selects the determination by the manufacturer.
        Plain washer processing craft:
        The plain washer processing craft mainly has two kinds, one kind is now fin cutting processing, another kind is surface protection processing;
        Fin cutting processing, the gasket should use polishing, the vibration or other method fin cutting and the edge.
        Surface protection processing, in standard to gasket product surface treatment according to coating (thick) and coating (thin) the discrimination, the author thought that should be suitable similarly for a other fastener product bolt (the bolt, the stud> and the nut. Although has not looked like this standard narration like this specificly in other corresponding standards.

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